The perfect decoration for a wedding

Die perfekte Dekoration einer Hochzeit

A wedding is a magical event. Two people who love each other promise each other to spend the rest of their lives side by side. You only experience this day once in your life. Of course, there is also a lot of pressure to ensure that the wedding meets all your wishes and dreams. There are countless decisions to be made before the big day begins. Planning can take months and there are so many things to think about. Below we have collected a few tips and tricks that you can use for inspiration when planning your wedding, so that your wedding can be the perfect start to a life together.

3 tips for decorating your wedding ceremony

  1. Decorate the main course. To create a great atmosphere as soon as you enter the church or wedding location, you should decorate the main aisle. Here the bride will walk along as she enters and slowly approach her groom. All eyes are on her. To give the whole thing a beautiful frame, it is particularly suitable to attach the jewelry to the sides of the benches or chairs. There are no limits to your imagination. For example, you can add flowers or bows that match the color scheme of your wedding. You are also welcome to use the floor for your decoration. Candles look particularly beautiful here. You can put these in a glass decorated with flowers. Alternatively, you can frame or line the aisle with flower petals. At a private wedding there is also the option of laying out a carpet or a ribbon.

  1. Decorate the bride and groom's chairs. During the wedding ceremony, the most important part of the wedding, the bride and groom sit at the front with their backs to the wedding party. All eyes are on you. Decorating the chairs creates a special atmosphere and perfectly rounds off the rest of the wedding decoration. Chair covers or flowers and bows to match the main course are suitable for this.

  1. Put up a welcome sign. With a welcome sign you greet your guests at the beginning of the wedding. This gives the whole wedding a personal touch. The exterior of the church is also included in the decoration and the festive atmosphere begins before you enter. Especially at a private wedding, a welcome sign helps with orientation and shows guests the “official” entrance.

Please note, however, that you discuss your decorations with the local priest in advance to ensure that all your wishes are permitted and can be implemented. At a private wedding there are hardly any restrictions when it comes to decorations, but to be on the safe side you should arrange everything in advance. Now nothing stands in the way of a wonderful wedding ceremony as the start of your wedding.

7 tips for the perfect table decoration at your wedding


  1. The color and material of the table linen determine the direction of your wedding table decoration. Since they have a significant impact on the overall impression, they should be chosen to match the theme of the wedding. Silk table runners are perfect for a fine art wedding or a wedding in a castle, while linen table runners underline the character of a boho or vintage wedding. Beautiful wooden tables often don't need a tablecloth at all and can be perfectly showcased with the rest of the decoration.
  2. The symmetry of the decoration at your wedding plays a crucial role. For example, the distance between the chairs and the wall should be coordinated and the same everywhere. So that the guests at the wedding can eat comfortably, you should allow around 60 to 80 centimeters per seat. The wedding table decorations should also be arranged symmetrically and clearly on the tables, because then your guests will find your decorations particularly beautiful. Here, too, it is important to leave enough space so that your guests do not feel cramped by the decorations. In addition, the decoration should not be too high so that you... During the wedding with his. Can entertain your table neighbors well.
  3. Also make sure that the lighting at your wedding is beautiful. Candles on the tables are perfect for this. Here too, there are no limits to your imagination. You can use tea lights on the tables to bathe your wedding in warm light. But stick candles also conjure up a beautiful, romantic light from above. Pillar candles can also be decorated in glasses or on candle plates, for example, to match the theme of your wedding.
  4. Serving and cutlery should of course not be missing from a wedding table. Choose high-quality servers that fit elegantly into the overall concept of your wedding and are color coordinated. With a special folding technique, you can use the served items as an additional decorative element and give your wedding a special charm. The correct placement of the dishes is also important. A charger plate can form the centerpiece of the place setting. Based on this, the cutlery must be arranged on the right and left in the order of use. The following applies: Everything that is used with the right hand is to the right of the plate and everything that is used with the left hand is to the left. The glasses also need to be arranged correctly. So on the far right above the knives is the water glass, to the left of it is the white wine glass and to the left of it is a red wine glass.
  5. Use place cards at your wedding. As soon as your guests read their own name on an elegant place card, they will feel particularly welcome and valued. This also allows you to choose a seating arrangement and place all guests so that it becomes an unforgettable day for you. It is also a good idea to use menu cards. Stylishly designed, these perfectly round off the wedding decoration and everyone can look forward to the wonderful menu at your wedding.
  6. Of course, flowers cannot be missing from a beautiful wedding table. Small flower arrangements that match the decoration of the wedding ceremony can create a recognition value and thus round off the theme of the wedding. But natural materials can also be ideally combined as table decorations. Here, grasses or wood are perfect for completing the floral decoration and conjure up a suitable atmosphere.
  7. We strongly recommend carrying out a test setting at the wedding location. In addition to the rehearsal dinner, where you finally taste and order the wedding menu, a test setting should also not be missing in the preparations for the wedding. This means you can examine the table decorations on site and, if in doubt, adjust them again before the wedding. This means that on the day of the wedding you can fully concentrate on the celebrations and know before the wedding that the table decorations look enchanting.