The future of the candle!

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The best candle for every season - whether summer or winter

With our new LED tea lights - now even more sustainable

Permanent candles






Emotions of a wax candle without the disadvantages

“Permanent candles” mean a fascinating source of light.

Emotions of a wax candle and the added safety of the controlled, self-extinguishing flame of a maxi tea light.

“Permanent candles” in every lantern, vessel, lantern and, above all, on elegant candle holders.

No more contamination from leaking or overflowing wax, or deformation caused by heat or sunlight.

The idea

The easy-to-change 'poured' tea light creates many hours of light and warmth.

The design

For 'romantic' inserts on 'antique' candlesticks, the "Permanent Candles" have a thorn hole on the bottom.

The economics

By using our cast tea lights with a With a special wick you can achieve a burning time between 6 - 8 hours, of course depending on the external conditions Conditions.

The security

Any deformation of the “Permanent Candles” in one normal environment are a thing of the past and therefore It is also possible to decorate relatively close to her, especially since the self-extinguishing flame of the cast tea light for provides further security.

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Permanent candle in black€18,00 EUR

The future of the candle! Our permanent candles provide the emotions of a wax candle, but are dimensionally stable and safe for your perfect feel-good atmosphere everywhere. Fa...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Permanent candle in white€18,00 EUR

The future of the candle! Emotions of a wax candle, but dimensionally stable and safe, our permanent candles ensure your perfect feel-good atmosphere anywhere. Fast delivery to...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Permanent candle in silk gray€22,00 EUR

The trend color silk gray is now available NEW at Permanent Candles! The future of the candle! Our permanent candles provide the emotions of a wax candle, but are dimensionally...

What happy customers report

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4.91 stars
248 reviews

I don't know of any better candles for lanterns etc.

No more wax running down and ruining my decorations. I can really recommend it to everyone.

Manuel Weber

on March 7, 2024

I can't imagine any better candles in our Easter decorations.

Susanne Paulsen

March 11, 2024

There are permanent candles all over my house now, I love them!!

Marina Hess


Advent wreath without “permanent candles” - unthinkable. So easy! A new tea light every day! No stress! Always beautiful!

Isabella Atzinger

November 22, 2023

Hey, the candles are great. I find the design really clean.

Joshua Biernert

on April 13, 2022

These candles convinced me to buy candles in the summer haha

Sarah Reinsch

on March 23, 2023

Great decoration

options for indoors and outdoors! I love the permanent candles

Mario Kastner

on January 9th, 2024

I've always been looking for "safe" candles and finally found them. I'm very happy with the quality!

Pascal Jockenhövel

on July 5th, 2023

Really looks like a real candle - the promise is true!

Sebastian Stoll

November 13, 2022