Why permanent candle tealight holders instead of traditional candles?

Warum Permanent Candle Teelichthalter anstelle von herkömmlichen Kerzen?

A wax candle and its flame are two things that are inseparable. But what if the candle system were completely reinvented and improved? What if you could combine a real wax flame with safety and eternal perfection? Exactly this combination of design, safety, ambience and a real flame. Our tea light holder with the look of a real wax candle combines all the advantages of a real candle and eliminates the disadvantages.

The effect of a wax candle

Wax candles are used in a wide variety of life situations. They are an inseparable part of any celebration, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or simply a nice evening with friends. With the flame of a candle you can always create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. You can still do this with our candle-look tealight holder. With the tea light, you don't have to miss out on the magical effect of a real flame, as with artificial candles. The combination of the quiet crackling and the flaring gives every room security and confidence. Although we no longer rely on the light of a candle since the invention of the light bulb, we cannot do without it despite all the new and modern inventions. In our other block article “Candles and their effects” you can read everything about the beguiling effect of candles.


Disadvantages of a candle become advantages of our Tealight Holder Permanent Candle

The Permanent Candle tealight holder

 In addition to all the positive effects that burning candles have, they unfortunately also have their downsides. There are many reasons why they are not always perfect and beautiful. But our tealight holders always remain perfect. Nevertheless, you don't have to make any compromises compared to real candles. The combination of a maxi tea light, which is inserted into the plastic body of the tea light holder, leaves nothing to be desired by real candle lovers. The Permanent Candle tea light holder looks very similar to conventional wax candles. Just like real candles, our maxi tea lights are made from the highest quality wax. This means that our tea lights have a particularly large flame that looks very similar to that of a real wax candle. At first glance, there is no difference between the tea light holder and a wax candle. As soon as you light the tea light in the tea light holder, the entire positive power of real candlelight unfolds and soaks the room in warm light.


Heat as an opponent of the wax candle

As wonderful as the melting wax has on us, it is also sensitive. When exposed to full sunlight, the wax begins to melt and the candles quickly tip over. This makes it almost impossible for us to leave them on the terrace all day in summer. This starts annoying tidying back and forth. At sunset we want to conjure up the right atmosphere on the terrace. After a beautiful evening they have to be brought back to safety or they will be lost as soon as the sun shines again. All of this is eliminated with the plastic tea light holder. This keeps its shape and can therefore be left in the sun around the clock. No matter the temperature, the tea light holder always gives you the look of a perfect candle.

Cold as an opponent of the wax candle

Candles are just as vulnerable in winter. If you place a wax candle on the terrace in winter instead of the tealight holder, it won't take long for it to break at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. The material of our tea light holder is not only heat-resistant, but even very low temperatures cannot harm it. The tea light holder can decorate your terrace all year round and you no longer have to think about whether it might get too cold at night.

The tea light holder always has the perfect shape

The first lighting of candles seals their fate. They must not burn for too long or too short in order to get the perfect burning plate. If this is too small, the candle cannot develop its full effect because the flame disappears after a short time behind the unburned wax edge. However, if the first burning plate is too large, the melted wax will run out sooner or later. This will spill onto the table or dirty your expensive lantern. To get the perfect burner, you need to keep an eye on your candle when you first light it and extinguish the flame at the right time.

This problem does not arise with the Permanent Candle tea light holder either. You can simply light the maxi tea light in the tea light holder and focus your attention on a beautiful evening and your friends. With a burning time of six to eight hours, one tea light is enough for the entire evening and the tea light holder will create a wonderful ambience throughout the evening. If the flame goes out, you can simply insert a new tea light into the tea light holder and light it. So you have a perfect candle all evening long, whose flame never disappears. You can also place our “candles” in any lantern or on any table without any concerns, no matter how delicate the material or how difficult the cleaning may be. Our tealight holders never leak and always have the perfect shape. This means you can enjoy the flame of the candle-look tea light holder without any worries.


Tea light holders minimize the risk of a real flame 

In addition to perfection and aesthetics, our tea light holders also ensure your safety. Thanks to the self-extinguishing flame of the tea light in the Permanent Candle tea light holder, you no longer need to worry about your candles. The relatively solid body of the tea light holder prevents it from tipping over easily. In addition, the tea light fits perfectly into the tea light holder and is therefore protected from tipping over or falling out.

For all of these reasons, we developed the tea light holder called Permanent Candle to compensate for all the shortcomings of conventional candles. Experience the candle feeling in a completely new and uncomplicated way. Our tea light holders leave nothing to be desired. We offer them in three different colors. The tealight holders are available from 8cm to 10cm and extra thick with a diameter of 12cm. The variety of sizes ranges from the “normal” candle with a height of 9cm up to 65cm. Our largest tealight holders can be perfectly placed on the floor as a combination of three and have a simple but beautiful decoration.