Candles and their effects

Kerzen und ihre Wirkung

We have always associated candles and their natural light with romance, a feel-good atmosphere and relaxation. The calming flicker of candles has an almost magical effect on us. All worries suddenly seem to be blown away as soon as sparkling candles light up the room. Beautiful candles are simply part of a cozy evening. Whether in a hotel, restaurant, at home in the living room or on the terrace. The small, constantly moving flame ensures peace and contentment. The effect of candles can be used in a variety of ways. On the one hand, candles and their glow are an indispensable part of a SPA or wellness area. On the other hand, candles represent romance and togetherness.

But candles have also been an essential part of many religious occasions and rituals for centuries. For example, the Easter candle is the symbol of eternal life. The candles at Easter are traditionally decorated with the words “Christ conquered death. May his light triumph over the darkness of hearts!” ignited. In general, light is considered the elixir of life, which is symbolized by candles. Candles and their glow can counteract depressive moods and give us positive thoughts.

Especially in winter, candles unfold their magical effect. In the past, people relied on candlelight to see in the dark. Although we no longer rely on the light of candles since the invention of the light bulb, we still need candles in our lives. Whenever we light candles, they are a sign of something special. Whether it's a birthday, Advent or a nice dinner for two or with friends, candles are simply part of it.

There is nothing that can completely replace it. No matter how beautiful lamps or LED candles can be, they can replace real candles. This is mainly because candles actually provide heat. The light is more of a waste product. When candles burn, most of the energy produced is converted into heat energy. The characteristic color spectrum has hardly any blue content, but very high red components. So the light from the candles is a very warm light. This unfolds its full effect in the evening by promoting the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This is where the strong relaxing effect of candles comes from, which is similar to that of a calming tea.

But the flickering of the flame also calms our soul and our spirit. In addition, there is the smell of burning wax from candles that cannot be replaced with LED lights. The warmth that candles radiate is also crucial. This has a warming effect with its infrared rays and candles therefore radiate security

"Candles are like tiny campfires that we like to gather around"

Oliver Stefani, light researcher at the University of Basel

Candles and romance

Candles and their shimmering light have been a symbol of romance for ages. Whether it's a nice dinner for two or a romantic bath, candles create the right mood. In the flickering light of the candles we feel homely and safe. Candles also represent relaxation. Candles radiate warmth; not only the yellow-reddish hue but also the actual flame creates a positive feeling. This pleasant effect on us humans can also be confirmed psychologically.

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and the apartment appears in the shimmering light of many candles. At a glance, all the worries and efforts of the day seem to be forgotten. Only with the help of a few candles is the perfect start to a romantic evening possible. The small flame of the candles not only melts the wax, but also makes hearts melt at the sight of them.

In addition, candles encourage exchanges with other people. When the light dims and becomes warm, a familiar atmosphere is created. This makes it easier for us to have confidence. So deep and intimate conversations are part of candlelight. Candles symbolize protection and security. These attributes are inextricably linked to a romantic relationship.

Candles for relaxation

As already mentioned, candles are on the program in the wellness sector. Here, the warming effect of candles is particularly appreciated. A wellness area is almost the epitome of warmth. It consists of hot saunas and steam baths. A hot whirlpool is also often a must. During a massage, we also look forward to warm oils that are massaged into the skin with warm hands. Of course, the warmth of candles fits perfectly into the picture and rounds off the mood wonderfully.

In addition, there is also the almost soporific flickering of the flames. These develop a meditative mood when you look at them for a long time. But the feel-good character of candles also comes into its own here. The flame builds trust so that body and mind can enter a state of complete relaxation together.

Candles in times of Corona and war

 In the current period of uncertainty, candles can convey security and protection. The cozy light of candles automatically reduces the fear of the darkness that surrounds us. This can easily be applied to current times of darkness. Candles give hope and peace. That's why it's hard to imagine life without candles, especially in winter, the darkest season. Just think of the Advent calendar. Here we light a little candle every Sunday in anticipation of Christmas. The Christmas tree also traditionally illuminates the decorated room with real candles and thus provides peace.

Candles as a sign of hope and eternal life provide comfort and warmth, especially in times of crisis. This allows us to look to the future with full confidence. Candles give us confidence in ourselves and the future. In addition, in times of contact restrictions and isolation, candles provide the warmth that we humans need so much. Combined with the smell of burning wax, candles bring back memories. This causes old feelings to arise within us. Positivity and security immediately fill the room and we no longer feel alone. This allows us to seemingly forget worries and fears for a moment and concentrate fully on the here and now. Candles thus create the perfect mix of memories of good times past and at the same time create hope for the longed-for improvement in the situation.